Northern Sasquatch

We are camping this weekend! I am very excited. We’ll have a camp and a makeshift metal stove.

But we’ve been warned …

At Point 4 (four kilometres out of town), an elder with her granddaughter were camping last weekend. She heard scrapping and what sounded like the tossing of pebbles at her tent wall. Finally she got up and walked around her camp to look. She saw nothing, but when she came around front, there was a large hole in the tent.

Similar stories have been told by independent reliable sources.

These occurrences seem to happen near the large bell tower. Coincidence?

Also, The big foot (that’s what the Cree call it) is not meant to be seen… Because if you see it, you will die. A man in the village saw it and came back to tell the story, but he died soon after.

And we still want to go camping?

Wish me luck!



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