Puppy on the Loose

Dog Lost and Found

Dog Lost and Found

Andy found a puppy running loose, with a couple feet of severed yellow cord trailing after it.

He brought it to his shop, where it followed him everywhere before finally settling down in a cardboard box. When I passed by the shop after school, his truck was still parked, so I stopped in and met the thin little pup. I took a photo with my blackberry and posted it on the community Facebook page.

While we waited for a response, we brought her home and fed it some crunched up dog kibble mixed with evaporated milk. She attached the food, snarling and growling. I didn’t want to feed her too much, thinking it may make her ill.

We had several responses to our post and phone numbers of where the owner could be reached. None of the numbers lead anywhere.

Finally we looked up the number of the person who claimed to be the rightful owner and called him. He couldn’t pick up the little dog, so Andy dropped her off.

The owner gestured to the space between the outer and inner door and said “just leave her there,” and closed the door.

I hope she’ll have some food and a soft blanket to sleep on. It is getting very cold.


One thought on “Puppy on the Loose

  1. Geez, Chris. How awful. That poor pup. You must regret advertising. She would have been so much better off living with you.

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