A Quick Casket

Another person in the community has passed away; a man just in his 40s. He was the foster dad of one of my last year’s students.

Flags are at half-mast. As is custom, the bars, stores, and schools were closed for the funeral this afternoon.

I was at the kitchen window when I saw a man bound up our front steps. I recognized him as one of Andy’s students.

“We need a coffin,” he told Andy. “We need it in an hour and a half for the funeral.”

I put Andy’s lunch on hold and prepared a coffee for him to take to the shop. I heard the men quickly made inventory of available wood and the dimensions of the deceased.

At the shop, some of Andy’s students, as well as other community members, were ready to offer their help.

At the funeral (I had to stay back to nurse a nasty virus), Andy was given the privilege of placing the body into the casket, along with close family and friends.

It was a great honour that Andy was able to offer his services as a cabinetmaker to the community.


6 thoughts on “A Quick Casket

  1. A job well done by Andy and his crew, but what about the frozen earth? How did the community prepare the grave, and why was there such a rush? Does the funeral have to take place the day the person dies?

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