Too Many Dogs

The dog that’s been hanging around our house has made us his people. He comes in, sleeps on the carpet, eats, lets us know when he needs to go out. All is good.

We’ve been warned that loose dogs will be gathered this Friday (today). I remember reading about dog culls in the north and being horrified. In an isolated community, where there is no vet, dog populations increase. Dog food is very expensive at the local stores and it costs even more to fly it in. The ideal solution would be for all dogs to be kept on a leash and watched at all times. This is not realistic here. Of course, there are constant litters of puppies tumbling about. Puppies are adopted quite easily, but after their first winter, they are put outside. There is little to hunt around town, so many hang around the local stores begging.

While in the south, I imagined locals in pickup trucks with guns driving about shooting the hapless animals. In reality, they are picked up and brought to an enclosure where they are kept for a few days. Plenty of announcements are made for people to claim their dogs. Remember, there are no vets with sanitized offices and careful injections. The gathered dogs are dealt with as humanely as can be done here.

I will just make sure our dog is tied up tight, even though we don’t yet have a name.


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