Stuck at the Dump

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Down in the Dumps

It has been quiet … so very quiet after Christmas festivities. Both bars are closed over the holidays, so I haven’t been called for guard duties at the detention centres. The roads leading out of the community are not plowed, so our world has become very small. The road only goes as far as the two municipal dumps. There is one dump for regular kitchen garbage. Farther down is the “Canadian Tire” where metal, wood, appliances, cars and dry goods are deposited. This is a great place to scavenge for auto parts.

We had a thermos of tea and sandwiches and thought this would be a good chance to let the dogs have a good run. Our dog is white, and the husky belongs to a teacher who has gone south for the holidays.

When we approached Canadian Tire, there were tracks leading into it, but they were just ski-doo and ATV tracks, so our heavy truck sunk in deeply. Andy flagged down a ride back into town for reinforcement and I stayed back with the dogs, occasionally slipping into the truck to warm up (along with the dogs).

Our dog, Skooner

And that was our adventure for the day. I think tomorrow we’ll head out to the other dump and watch the crows and seagulls fly!

Skooner and BamBam

Skooner and BamBam


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