Moose, Moose and More Moose, but where’s the Bread?

jeanpierre05_stdWe were out of eggs for our late morning brunch, so we walked to Meechum to pick up a few things. As usual, I checked the bulletin board at the entry for local events. A fundraiser brunch was being held at the town’s longhouse.

“Might as well go and check it out,” I said to Andy.

He heartily agreed.

This was our first visit to the longhouse. It was large enough to host a typical Montreal Greek or Italian wedding. The floors were buoyant with fresh winter greens, and a tent stretched from the wood siding to form a roof. In spite of the cold, two giant wood stoves kept the building cosy and warm. Bright, plastic table clothes, sprinkled with an apple motif covered the long tables. The building can be rented for a very small fee for fundraising events. Today, the event was to sponsor a broomball team, as evidenced by a group of girls practicing their technique in the parking lot.

For $10 we were treated to moose sheppard’s pie, lasagna, moose stew and several types of bannock, jello and fruit salad … but no fry bread, my absolute favourite.

We sat with a group of women and were soon engaged in conversations about education, children, and the commissioning of someone to sew crests for Andy’s student’s navy blue shop smocks.

This was much more pleasant than cooking brunch at home.