Music, Books, and Tea

Warm sunlight streamed through the library’s window, offering a panoramic view of the Great Whale River. Loreena McKennitt’s mystical music poured out of my playbook, as I sipped peppermint tea from my thermos.

Can life get any better?

Most of the staff left for a teachers’ conference in a more northerly community for the week. I was originally scheduled to go, but it was decided in the last minute that special education technicians need not attend. I was looking forward to the experience, but happy to not to fly and live in uncertain residences.

So ….

I offered to overhaul the school library.

And life even gets better.

I am surrounded by classic tales from my childhood, books I read to my kids when they were little; Dr. Seuss (Green Eggs and Ham), Mercer Mayer (There’s Something in the Attic). Also the series of the Little Critters, Berenstain Bears, The Babysitters’ Club, and Kenneth Oppel’s batwing series … and of course Harry Potter, piles of picture books, books with fabulous nature photographs, atlases …

Yes, life is good!


Winter is Coming!

It is cold already and it is only the beginning of December – 27 (-37 factoring in the wind-chill).

It takes time to dress for this weather, but there is a system:  Bottom layers – Leggings, jeans, windproof pants, inner socks and outer socks. Top layers – thick sweater over thin sweater, microfiber hooded parka, hat, inner mitts and outer mitts. When we mentioned our impending move to Whapmagoostui at yesterday’s feast, a couple of people shivered and said “It’s cold up there!”

I googled a climatic map of Canada and zoomed to the mouth of the Great Whale River on Hudson’s Bay. A thin sliver of land that surrounded this area is classified as “arctic”.

Now I’m seriously worried.  If the Cree from Mistissini say it’s cold up there, it must be really cold!