Indian Tacos

Indian Taco (courtesy of google)

Indian Taco (courtesy of google)

Food is sold via a community Facebook group in both communities we’ve lived in.

Whether for fundraising or to supplement income, lunch plates of fresh game, pasta, pork chops and lasagna can be picked up or delivered for $10 – $20 a plate. Indian tacos appear to be a favourite.

Today Andy picked me up at school.

“I bought lunch,” he said. He pointed at two styrofoam containers on the seat of his car. A student’s wife had made a bunch of Indian Tacos.

I sat down to a puffy round of fry-bread, covered with cooked hamburger meat, lettuce and tomatoes.

It was quite good, but I must admit that I prefer my beloved fry-bread hot, fresh, and plain with a bit of jam.

Today's dessert plate available for pickup

Today’s dessert plate available for pickup