Belugas In the Bay

Looking for Belugas

Looking for Belugas

It’s Friday. School ends a period earlier than the other days.

“We are going for a walk,” the teacher said, when I arrived back at school after lunch.

Apparently the radio announced the sighting of the first beluga this morning. Other groups of kids with their teachers and locals were also watching the surface, for the breakout of a smooth white head.

I have seen beluga crossing the St. Lawrence by ferry near the Saguenay, but not here.

The kids were very excited. We walked the river banks to the giant Inuksuk, where the river meets the bay. The tide was out, widening the beach which stretched down from the dunes. The crystal ice of last week was gone. A lone boat puttered amongst the remaining ice floes. I made out the silhouette of a couple of figures in the boat. Whale hunters?

The kids found jellyfish and took sticks to throw them back into the water.

On days like today I never want to leave.